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Seniors Aging Well, Wisely and Successfully

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Seniors Aging Well, Wisely and Successfully

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Exploding Aging Stereotypes

Go60.Com is a no-nonsense, yet caring and compassionate internet destination devoted to helping seniors improve with age. Go60.Com is not about imitating youth or dazzling you with an eyepopping, animated website. Go60.Com is about aging well, and aging wisely and successfully.

You'll find timely, leading edge information about research on aging, and how society is adjusting, Mature Coupleor not adjusting, to the explosion of an aging population which is largely being ignored in a youth-obsessed culture.

This dramatic trend is beginning to reach deeply into ill-prepared government, business and private organizations large and small.

As baby boomers inflate the senior population, leadership and wisdom will be required to adjust to an escalating societal, cultural, economic and medical Armageddon.

Learn More about the philosophy and spirit behind Go60.Com, and about exploding prevailing myths and negative cultural stereotypes about seniors. Have a look at how Myths About Aging, so peculiar to America, fail to stand up under scrutiny. See how Age Bias thrives in the work place.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." Gandhi
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Getting the right nutrients is essential to maintaining health as we age. Women over the age of 60 have special nutrient requirements, and may want to consider a multi-vitamin geared toward their particular needs. Senior women should look for a women's vitamins containing calcium, iron, B vitamins, and antioxidants.

American Attitudes Toward Seniors are in Need of a Bold Makeover

A Demographic Time Bomb
Age Discrimination
Aging Organizations
In 2010, 76 million baby boomers will begin to reach age 65.

America, today, is wholly unpre- pared to accept obligatory changes in ways of thinking and feeling about seniors in society.

Ageism is inherently damaging to a burgeoning segment of citizens, and its eradication is overdue. Will the Baby Boomers stamp it out?

Age discrimination finds its loudest expression in the work place. New attitudes toward work later in life are just barely beginning to emerge [Take a look at Productive Aging].

Still, bias and injustice against older workers remains firmly entrenched, especially in High Tech. We still face an uphill battle in the 21st Century.

Go60.Com recommends commencing any further inquiry into issues surrounding aging by visiting these resources:

National Institute of Aging
Administration on Aging
Gerontological Society
Huffington Center on Aging
Alzheimers Association

Go60.Com aims to harness the power of the internet:
  • To advocate reversal of prevailing attitudes toward seniors in a cultural climate unforgiving toward aging,
  • To enrich the quality of life for seniors,
  • To bring to seniors and their friends and loved ones vital information, services and products to help strengthen and prolong productive and good quality independent living, and
  • Where extended care is unavoidable, to help manage it in ways that maintain humanity and dignity.
Here's to an interesting, productive and vital life as you live, learn and grow before and after turning 60.
Lets go tame this beast called maturity!

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Seniors Aging Well, Wisely and Successfully

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