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Great Cities for Golf, and Where You can Find Them

Many love to go on a summer adventure. The trips may mean that you need to go with the family, with a spouse or with some friends for a great outing. It makes no difference what the purpose is as long as you find the right location to have the most exciting time. It is going to be hard to find just where you want to go but you will need to think about where the best areas are especially if you are a golfer.

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September 30 2008 | Golf | Comments Off on Great Cities for Golf, and Where You can Find Them

Finding Cheap Golf Clubs

It’s no always easy to find good cheap golf clubs. Here are some tips you can use.

Golf Clubs : Cheap Golf Clubs

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September 22 2008 | Golf | Comments Off on Finding Cheap Golf Clubs

Why Ladies Golf Clubs are Not So Easy to Find

If you are a female golfer looking for ladies golf clubs that actually fit you will know that this is not an easy task even though many more women now play golf.

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