Tiger Woods Public Apology: Discover Who Made The Biggest Sacrifice

This Friday Woods admitted he had disappointed his family, friends and fans according to the news sources

He didn’t mention the women with whom he is alleged to have had affairs, other than to talk of his shame at his actions.

According to the Telegraph “Miss James, real name Veronica Siwik-Daniels, claims she was twice made pregnant by Woods, suffering a miscarriage in 2007 and an abortion two years later”

Miss James’s lawyer Gloria Allred said her 32-year-old client, who had cut her hair short and dyed it red, suffered “anguish and distress” following her three year affair with Woods.

Mrs Allred said: “Whatever rehab Tiger participates in, it will not be meaningful or effective unless he acknowledges the relationship he had with my client.

Woods allegedly sent Miss James loads of text messages and saw her several times a month almost every month during their relationship.

Yahoo news reports that Woods left therapy on Feb. 11 and has been spending time with his two children and his mother – but not his wife – in Orlando, according to a person with knowledge of Woods’ schedule. The person, not authorized to release such information, spoke on condition of anonymity

Woods remained composed throughout the statement, pausing briefly before the first of several apologies. At times, however, he looked into the camera almost on cue. Begay said he got choked up listening, and felt his words were sincere

As appeared on the Press Association’s website some sponsors have already dropped or distanced themselves from Woods, but club and clothing manufacturer Nike said in a statement: “Tiger has apologised and made his position clear. Nike fully supports him and his family. We look forward to him returning to golf.”After initial critical comments from players, most notably Ernie Els, about the timing of the statement in the middle of a big event in Arizona, there was a more supportive reaction there on Friday.

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