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No Brisbane Trip Is Complete Without A Visit To Moreton Bay

Wedged between the mainland and the bulk of Moreton Bays more famous North Stradbroke Island are many smaller islands dotted across the bay. Moreton Bay Marine Park protects its special inhabitants such as dugong, dolphins and passing whales. These Island delights are so close to Brisbane, some residents commute to the city daily.

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Where to Stay in Tangier: Tangier Riad

Tangier is a mysterious city influenced by several cultures. It is located in 60km from Gibraltar and 14km from Spain. It is believed to be the most vibrant and mythical city in Morocco. Tangier is popularly known as the “gateway of Africa” and has several tourist attractions such as beaches, museums and gardens. Because of its rich European, Moroccan and African cultures, Tangier makes it a perfect destination to visit.

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Points Of Interest In Australia

The Gold Coast is really the region with the mega theme parks, but there are some great parks right in the Sunshine Coast that are a bit more educational and artsy and can make for great fun. These are the type of parks that can keep you entertained all day long, without the super-sized rides that some love, but others hate.

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Bird Watching In The Tropical North Region Of Australia

While packing for your Tropical North Queensland vacation you will want to be sure to pack your binoculars and camera. If you are looking to take full advantage of the natural habitat that you will be exploring you will want to be sure that you are prepared and these items are just want you need to prepare you properly.

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Understanding The Kentucky Derby For Horse Racing Novices

The Kentucky Derby takes place every year on the first Saturday in May, and its a race that many horse racing novices like to follow. Along with the Breeders’ Cup and the other ‘Triple Crown’ races, the Derby attracts the most mainstream attention. Understanding the intricacies of horse racing is a very involved study.

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