Tourist Must See – The Great Fountains Of Rome

Maybe more than any other place, Rome’s amazing fountains have a history that is as rich and ancient as Rome itself. There are examples of Fountains that reflect the artistic styles as far back as the first century AD mixed in with wonderful Renaissance fountains and modern ones as well.

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Historic Rome Has Cheap Hotels

History of Rome is very famous. Rome is known as the Eternal City with its palaces, temples, tombs and churches. Rome has a legacy which very few cities in the world have and it is beyond the understanding of people. It is essential to come to the city to feel the beauty of Rome. There are a number of attractions in the Eternal City like the Foro Romano, well known Colloseum, the Termini Railway Station and not to forget the Vatican City. The person who gets an opportunity to visit Rome is indeed lucky.

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Rome’s Famous Spanish Steps – A Tourist Hotspot

Contrary to what the name may imply, the famous Spanish Steps were actually built by the French. Regardless, visitors to Rome have been delighted by them for many year. Some feel they are “just stairs” from the Piazza di Spagna to the Villa Medici, but as any experienced traveller knows, often-times it’s not so much about the destination but about how you actually get there that truly matters.

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When In Rome, Visit St. Peter’s Basilica – A Vatican City Delight

St. Peter’s Basilica, otherwise known as Basilica di San Pietro has always been a tremendously popular attraction of tourists to Rome. Visitors to the site can happily pass a day taking in all there is to see there. Of the many popular locations in Vatican City, St. Peter’s ranks high in popularity and number of visits by tourists.

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