The Beautiful Beaches of Cabo San Lucas

by Paul Garnett

Imagine walking barefoot in the loveliest beach you have ever seen. Imagine sitting beside your sand castle while watching the sunset. One should not just imagine when he can experience the immaculate and captivating beaches found in Cabo San Lucas.

Millions of travelers and tourists come to Cabo to take pleasure in its beaches and seaside fare. There are many beach-front hotels and resorts to choose from, it will just depend on either the needs, wants, or the budget.

Playa El Medano is popular because it is coined as the safest beach in town. It offers a clean and white sand shore that is perfect for vacationing families, first time visitors or youth vacationers. If one seeks a wholesome and safe surrounding with many seafood activities and beach parties, the Playa El Medano is a great spot to consider.

For holiday vacationers who want to explore the life underwater, Playa Chileno is a good beach choice. Playa Chileno is fit for those who love snorkeling and scuba diving because of its abundant marine life and clear waters.

Cabo San Lucas not only caters to families on vacation and travelers, couples who want to have romantic times in Cabo San Lucas can go to Playa del Amore or simply the Lover’s Beach. Because the beach is quite secluded, it can be an added adventure for couples to reach the beach by water taxis.

The lover’s beach offers an extravagant view of the Sea of Cortez meeting the Pacific Ocean. In the lover’s beach, the romantic views and relaxing winds and waves are suitable for couples who just want to cuddle and enjoy nature. The beach is only accessible by a rental car, other than that, it is difficult to reach as there is no public transportation available when going there.

Playa El Faro Viejo is another attraction in Cabo San Lucas. Although the beach is not easily accessible, the sand dunes, the waves, the lighthouse and the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean atop the hills make this a must-see in Cabo. Car rentals are however available for tourists and travelers who do not want to miss this nature’s beauty.

Other notable beaches in Cabo San Lucas that attract travelers and tourists are the Playa Acapulquito, Tequila Cove, Playa Barco Varado or Solmar Beach, Palmilla Beach, and other exciting Cabo beaches.

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