The Best Places to Snorkel in Cabo San Lucas

by Paul Garnett

Snorkeling is one adventure that you will find really exciting in Cabo San Lucas. Because the place is blessed with great bodies of water, it also offers a spectacular underwater ecosystem great for snorkeling.

A world renowned marine biologist, Sir Jacques Cousteau even found Cabo’s marine life amazing, so there would be no reason you wouldn’t like it at all.

The top 3 diving hot spots for snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas

The Corridor – this site actually lies between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Located in this area are still various sites suitable for snorkeling activities.

The Sta. Maria Cove is one of them. It has around 20 to 60 feet and you can find slimy eels, octopus and a great numbers of very colorful tropical fishes. Marine life in this area is also very visible because of its clear blue waters.

Cabo Pulmo – Cabo Pulmo is said to be the best area in Cabo where you can dive and snorkel. This place shows the living coral reefs of the Sea of Cortez and schools of colorful fishes, dolphins, hammerheads and even whale sharks. The place also offers very good visibility underwater and warm water temperatures.

Lover’s Beach – This beach is a secluded one and can be reached by water taxis for hire. Aside from being the lover’s beach because of its romantic atmosphere, the place is also a good snorkeling site. The water in this site is temperate, which makes it more inviting for snorkeling and diving or for just soaking in the clear waters.

The Lover’s Beach does not only provide good snorkeling site and a lover’s getaway, but also is a good place for families and children who wants to witness groups of sea lions that visit the place. This usually occurs during winter time when these animals take shelter on big rocks in the Lover’s Beach.

There are still more sites that will satisfy your desire to explore and enjoy the marine life in Cabo. Exploring them would surely give you a wonderful adventure in Cabo.

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